Date: 7th October 2000

Brosnan's New Secret Mission

JAMES BOND superstar PIERCE BROSNAN is on a secret mission in Ireland - to make a new period movie.

The 007 actor is checking out locations during his free time in Dublin, and has even met with the country's Arts Minister SILE DE VALERA about the project. Brosnan is a member of the SCREEN COMMISSION OF IRELAND, set up by De Valera in 1998.

The film will be produced by his Irish DREAMTIME company, and directed by BRUCE BERESFORD. Pierce was spotted sizing up the historic Four Courts building on the quays as a possible location.

He spent over half an hour checking out the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal with two assistants. An onlooker says, "He said something about planning to make a movie set in the 1940s. It would open with a man walking into a court off the street and having his whole life unfold before him."


Source: WENN



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