Date: 6th October 2000

O'Donnel And Lawrence Help Out Striking Actors

ROSIE O'DONNELL and MARTIN LAWRENCE are the latest actors to pledge money to the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD FOUNDATION's strike relief fund.

Celebrity donations to the fund have now risen to $730,000, (481,800) including O'Donnell and Lawrence's donations of $50,000 (33,000) and $20,000 (13,200) respectively.

The money is raised for actors striking who have been without pay for over five months, making Thursday (05OCT00) the 158th day.

And despite the generosity of well-known stars like KEVIN SPACEY, the money is just not enough to keep all the striking actors above the breadline.

MARCIA SMITH, SAG executive director, says, "As fast as the money comes in, it goes out again."

The fund has taken on nearly 400 cases since it was launched with a $500,000 (333,333) endowment from SAG in early August (00). The key areas of aid have been mortgage and car payments, utilities and health insurance.


Source: WENN