Date: 2nd February 2009

Writer Sues Over Button Script

An Italian writer has filed suit against the makers of Oscar-nominated movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - accusing film bosses of stealing her idea. The Brad Pitt-starring film, which has garnered 13 nods at the upcoming Academy Awards, tells the story of a man who ages backwards and is said to have been inspired by a 1921 short story by legendary author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But now Adriana Pichini, an office worker from Rome, Italy, has launched legal action against the studios behind the picture, claiming it is in fact based on a story she wrote 15 years ago, titled Il ritorno di Arthur all'innocenza.

Pichini's work was registered with the Italian copyright authorities in 1994 and sent to publishers in the U.S., but never hit the shelves.

Source: Press Release