Date: 12th January 2009

Winslet wins at the Golden Globes

Kate Winslet has won two awards at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, winning best actress for Revolutionary Road and best supporting actress for The Reader.

"Is this really happening?" she asked as she collected her second prize.

Winslet had been expected to be named best supporting actress for The Reader, in which she plays a former Nazi prison guard who has an affair with a teenager.

But her second win for Revolutionary Road - in which she plays a frustrated housewife living in 1950s America - came as a surprise.

Winslet, 33, apologised to her fellow nominees for winning and paid tribute to her "spectacular" co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

She also thanked her husband Sam Mendes for directing Revolutionary Road and "killing us every single day".

Slumdog Millionaire was named best film drama, one of four awards Danny Boyle's Mumbai-set movie received.

Heath Ledger was given a posthumous supporting actor prize for The Dark Knight, while Mickey Rourke was named best actor in a drama for The Wrestler.

Source: Press Release