Date: 6th October 2000

David Hasselfhoff Pulls His Kids Out Of School To Support Him

David Hasselfhoff has pulled his two young children out of school and temporarily moved them to New York because the former BAYWATCH star has been missing them so much while performing on Broadway.

Hasselhoff is in New York rehearsing for an 31 October (00) debut in new play JEKYLL & HYDE on Broadway. The actor found rehearsing tough without his 31-year-old wife, PAMELA BACH, and their two daughters.

Hasselhoff says, "I thought it would be best if I was here alone for now, concentrating on my work. But all I do is think of them. I miss them terribly." And the ONE TRUE LOVE actor is hoping the presence of his young family will take his mind off the gruelling schedule he is putting himself through.

Hasselhoff, 48, spends each morning from 7 to 9am in the gym and then rehearses from 11am-5pm. But the star admits the schedule is "killing him".

Hasselhoff adds, "I stand in the middle of the street and burst into tears and ask myself, 'Why did I do this to myself?'"


Source: WENN



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