Date: 5th December 2008

Carrey Haunted By Bungee Jump

A bungee jump Jim Carrey took off a high Pasadena, California bridge for his new film Yes Man (2008) came back to haunt the movie star weeks after he took the plunge.

The funnyman insisted on taking the leap himself because he always knew he'd bungee at some point in his life - and at least his big jump would be caught on camera. But he had no idea he'd have dreams about hitting the ground.

He says, "Once I got up on the edge it literally just started racing and every thought of death possible. It was like, 'I could cross over here.'"

But, with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy looking on, Carrey jumped.

He adds, "A week afterwards I went through post-traumatic stress; I had dreams of hitting the ground."

But he's still glad he took the plunge: "It was orgasmic, it was unbelievable."

Source: Press Release