Date: 1st December 2008

Bosworth Prefers Dogs To Guys

Kate Bosworth is adamant her pets take precedence over her love life - insisting she would kick a man out of her bed rather than disturb her beloved pooch.

The Superman Returns star is renowned for her love of animals and has a dog named Lila, whom she adopted while on a 2004 vacation in Morocco.

And Bosworth admits her boyfriend, British model James Rousseau, was less than impressed when he discovered that there would be a third party sharing their bed. But the actress was determined not to kick her canine companion out.

She says, "I love my dog. She's a cross-breed and so cute. I grew up with the dogs sleeping in the bed. My boyfriend found that odd the first few times he stayed over. The dog will stay in the bed before the man will."

Source: Press Release