Date: 2nd April 2008

Cusack Stalker Arrested

A woman who was ordered to stay away from Hollywood actor John Cusack has been arrested on suspicion of stalking the star and violating a restraining order. Authorities were called to the High Fidelity star's Malibu, California, neighborhood on Sunday night after a taxi driver reported a passenger who failed to pay a fare. And as officers from Los Angeles County police department arrived at the scene they were flagged down by Cusack who reported seeing Emily Leatherman - the woman who was previously accused of stalking the actor. The 33-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of stalking, violating a restraining order and petty theft. Leatherman is being held on $150,000 bail. Police spokesman Steve Whitmore says, "She was arrested and had violated a previous restraining order taken out against her by Mr. Cusack. Apparently, Mr. Cusack flagged down one of our deputies and told him that this woman had been stalking him."

Source: Press Release