Date: 5th October 2000

Drug-Addled Simpson "Admits Murder"

OJ SIMPSON described the murder of his wife and her friend during coke-fuelled confessions to his ex-girlfriend, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports.

The American magazine alleges the controversial ex-American Football star, who was cleared in court in 1995 of the murders, described brutally killing NICOLE BROWN Simpson and RON GOLDMAN in shocking detail to former girlfriend CHRISTIE PRODY.

Prody says, "OJ killed Nicole - and he told me the details. "Now that I've seen how OJ is stalking me since I left him, I realise the truth was there in front of me all the time - but I was blinded by love.

"I see now that all during the course of our relationship, O.J.was confessing by telling me details only the killer would know." (CPT/WNWCPS/NFA)

Source: WENN