Date: 23rd October 2007

Pegg beams aboard Star Trek movie

Simon Pegg is to play the young Scotty in the new Star Trek film.

The Hot Fuzz star has been lined up for the role of the USS Enterprise's chief engineer.

Pegg previously worked with the director JJ Abrams on his last cinematic outing Mission: Impossible 3.

John Cho, one half of the comedy duo in Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, has been cast as Sulu.

The plot will focus on the academy years of the fledgling Enterprise crew and is already one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of next year.

The relatively-unknown Chris Pine has been chosen to play the young Captain Kirk.

Lord of the Rings actor Karl Urban will play Leonard "Bones" McCoy, the Starship Enterprise's medical officer.

Source: Press Release