Date: 8th August 2007

Damon Is Hollywood's "Best Value"

Matt Damon has been named Hollywood's best investment, giving the best box office returns for his salary. Damon, who plays a former CIA hitman in The Bourne Identity franchise, offers twice the value of Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, making $29 for each dollar he is paid, according to Forbes magazine. Damon's role in the first two Bourne films have made $850 million, with the third now top of the US box office. Brad Pitt came second on the list, making $24 for each dollar of his salary, while Vince Vaughn was third, tying with Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp. Rumor Has It star Jennifer Aniston was the highest-ranked actress on the list at number five.

The top ten:

1. Matt Damon.
2. Brad Pitt.
3. Vince Vaughn & Johnny Depp.
5. Jennifer Aniston.
6. Angelina Jolie.
7. Renée Zellweger.
8. Reese Witherspoon.
9. Ben Stiller.
10. Sandra Bullock.

Source: Press Release