Date: 13th July 2007

Radcliffe 'not too old' to play Harry

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has denied claims that he is too old to play the boy wizard.

In an interview on US television the actor, who turns 18 on July 23, insisted that his age was not important.

Radcliffe said: "Actors play younger and older than their age all the time so I don't think it should make too much of a difference."

As the latest movie in the series, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, opens across the world, the young star said what he loved most about playing Harry was being able to work with "amazing" actors.

He said: "Over the last seven years that I've been doing the films, I've made some of the most fantastic friends."

"A lot of my best friends in the world, I've met them on the set, and people who will play a very important part in the rest of my life I've met there."

Radcliffe appeared in his first film, David Copperfield, at the age of nine, but said it was not until the third Harry Potter film that he knew that acting was something he would "love to do in the long term".

"Before that I was just a kid having fun on a film set, having the time of my life, but not really taking it as seriously as I do now, obviously," he said.

He added he still had a "long way to go and to develop" as an actor and said: "Hopefully you'll see more of that over the next two films."

Each film presents its own very unique challenges so it's sort of like playing a different part every time you come back and do it."

Source: Press Release