Date: 5th October 2000

Schwarzenegger To Take On Yoda

Hollywood muscleman ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has challenged STAR WARS' puppet grandmaster YODA to a fight.

The TERMINATOR star contemplated the face-off in a response to an email on his official website, which asked who would win in a tussle between the JEDI veteran and the action hero.

Arnie says, "I've seen the Star Wars films a few times and what I can say about Yoda is that he's a character with a strong, serious mind and a disciplined will. "To become a Jedi Master, Yoda would have had to work very hard and make tremendous sacrifices.

By now, I think you'll see what I'm getting at: becoming a Jedi Master is not unlike becoming a champion bodybuilder, or becoming an actor, and that takes discipline and willpower first. "The mind is actually more powerful than the body." He adds, of the outcome, "Possibly Yoda would win, but I'm sure I'd kick his butt in a pose-down." (JM/WNWCFU/RGS)

Source: WENN