Date: 23rd April 2007

Elijah Wood 'takes producer role'

Elijah Wood is to make his first foray into movie production, according to reports.

Wood, who played Frodo in the fantasy trilogy, will work on an adaptation of 1953 noir novel Black Wings Has My Angel, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Elliott Chaze's book tells the story of an ex-convict who stages an armed robbery with the help of a call-girl.

Wood, who will not act in the film, said he was excited about bringing "a lost classic" back to life.

Telling the Hollywood Reporter why he decided try producing, he said: "It's the material.

I've always been intrigued by noir novels and noir films. I love that style.

"And to unearth something from that era that hasn't been made into a film or is not a remake is really exciting. It's a lost classic."

Source: Press Release