Date: 19th January 2007

Raindance - Directing Your First Feature

Film schools teach filmmaking. Raindance makes filmmakers. The original pioneer of independent filmmaking in the UK, Raindance courses have inspired a whole generation of filmmakers including Christopher Nolan (writer/director Memento), Julian Fellowes (writer Gosford Park), Guy Ritchie (writer/director Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Simon Hunter…..

Directing Your First Feature - Raindance

Raindance student, ex-Raindance Director-in-Residence and writer/director Simon Hunter returns to Raindance to present this popular course. Simon has just completed his second feature film, THE MUTANT CHRONICLES, starring John Malkovich and Thomas Jane. This film is the most ambitious special effects movie ever attempted in Europe - the editing alone is taking an entire year.
Simon will explain to you the principles of directing your first feature and how to deal with the hurdles at every step of the way: from development executives, producers, financers, to post-production, festivals and marketing.

Course Objectives

An intensive introduction to the creative and business elements of directing a feature film, by detailing the director's role with the various heads of department: pre-production, production and post-production.

About This Course

Directing a film can seem an impossible goal. But it needn't be -with practical advice and sure-fire tips you could be shooting your feature film in just twelve months. No-one can offer you a course that teaches you how to create a great piece of work - that lies with the individual. What can be taught is the fundamental knowledge with which you need to arm yourself. Should you zoom or should you track? The choice is yours, but you will learn how each technique affects an audience.
Step by step, participants will work through the fundamentals of making a first feature. Participants will be taken through the entire pre-production stage, covering the roles of each member of crew. During the post-production phase Hunter covers the various options available. Every area is covered, from making a short to finding an agent.

This course is backed up with practical film examples and Hunter also encourages students to bring their work as 'living' examples as well as looking at his own debut feature Lighthouse.

Tutor: Simon Hunter
Date: 10/11 Feb 2007
Time: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Venue: Diorama Arts Centre
Duration: 2 Day Weekend
Cost: £250 + VAT

Simon is also running courses in 'Directing Commercials' and 'Directing and Making Short Films' later in the year. Book ANY of his directing courses BEFORE January 31st, and get a discount of 15%.
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