Date: 6th December 2006

Connelly Injured During Car Chase Scene

Jennifer Connelly received a serious neck injury while filming a car chase with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of their new film Blood Diamond. The A Beautiful Mind star had a hard time adjusting to the pain medication she was prescribed and embarrassed herself by attending a work dinner and drinking wine.
She explains, "I got a pretty serious neck injury, which was a shock, because I've never had a real injury before - as were the meds, frankly. The pills that they give you - those were a real shock. It says on the label, 'Do not operate any heavy machinery', but, in my case, it should have been, 'Do not leave the house under any circumstances'. I, of course, took no heed and, unfortunately, I do vaguely remember talking to someone, saying I thought it would be a good idea if I, who has no experience of credentials whatsoever, edited the film. I do remember getting irritated with (husband) Paul Bettany, who was kicking me under the table, because... he could clearly see the person I was talking to was the editor of the film. I then also tried to replace the DJ, evidently, at the club, because I thought I could do better at that, as well. Paul, gracefully, dragged me home before I got pummeled."

Source: Press Release