Date: 4th October 2000

USA Pinned By Wrestling Loss

USA Channel was hit hard by the loss of WWF wrestling to TNN, The National Network (formerly The Nashville Network) last month.

Latest Nielsen figures indicate that the cable channel saw its audience decline 9 percent. USA's loss was Cartoon Network's gain as the Turner channel tied with USA for first place in household ratings during the third quarter.

A year ago, the network finished in fifth place for the quarter. In a statement, the company noted that the number of adult viewers 18-49 climbed 36 percent and 38 percent for those 25-54. "Clearly, plenty of cartoon lovers, including parents and even grandparents, are tuning in to Cartoon Network," the statement said.

Ironically, the results come on the same day that Electronic Media is reporting that Turner is trying to sell his own money-losing WCW wrestling group.

Source: Studio Briefing