Date: 25th August 2006

Knoxville Attacked in Bar Brawl

The Dukes Of Hazzard star Johnny Knoxville was left shaken when he was attacked by a man at a Hollywood bar last week. Knoxville was drinking at dive bar Tinys KO, along with Jackass co-stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius, when a man shoved him against a wall. According to an eyewitness Steve-O and Pontius immediately dragged the attacker outside.

The witness tells US OK! magazine, "Johnny tried to mediate. He looked a bit shaken up when he came back into the bar, but the other two were disappointed that they didn't fight." Knoxville recently told Spin magazine that people regularly try and pick fights with him saying, "People think by challenging me they're going to show they're tough. But I'm not tough. Decent drinker, not a bad kisser, but not a great fighter."

Source: Press Release



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