Date: 10th May 2006

Brad still not signed up to Ocean's 13

Brad Pitt has reportedly still not signed up for Ocean's 13.

Brad has been in Nambia with pregnant Angelina Jolie and their two adopted children.

Stars already signed up include George Clooney, Matt Damon and director Steven Soderbergh.

Clooney - the main star and one of the producers - is getting worried because filming is due to begin in Los Angeles and Las Vegas on July 21.

According to The Sun a source revealed: "Brad has not been able to confirm 100 per cent that he will be available - and that's making George very anxious.

His best pal is out of the country and looking forward to being a dad for the first time. But the movie is only weeks away now.

"Instead of being there to work on the project, Brad is in the middle of Africa. People are worried that he will prefer to carry on being a dad rather than go back to work."

Source: Press Release