Date: 19th April 2006

Guess Baby Cruise's Name

There we were busy snoozing, when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby decided it'd had enough of being 'the bump'.

So out she came.

And true to form, Tom and Katie have picked a name on the different side of regular.

Step forward (in a wiggling baby style) Suri Cruise.

A spokesman said the couple "joyously welcomed" Suri, who weighed in at 7lbs 7oz and measured 20ins.

He added: "Both mother and daughter are doing well."

But did Tom really eat the placenta? After telling GQ magazine he was ready to "eat the cord and the placenta right there", he later revealed that he was only joking. The card.

And the reason behind the name?

It has a clever double meaning... in Hebrew it means "princess" and in Persian it means "red rose".

There's been no chat yet whether Katie let out the odd squeal or squeak, although before the birth, Tom did gallantly say that Katie was free to "make as much noise" whilst giving birth as she wanted to. What a man.

This comes after revelations that Tom's Scientology belief dictated that a silent birth was the way forward.

Source: Press Release