Date: 28th March 2006

Bond will be more human says Craig

Daniel Craig says his portrayal of James Bond makes the agent more human and fallible.

Craig told BBC One's Film 2006 host Jonathan Ross all the traditional Bond elements would be in place.

He said: "I just wanted to see him make a few mistakes. I want to make the audience believe that it's all going to go wrong and then when it goes right it's much more exciting."

He said he has found filming chase scenes and fight sequences demanding.

He added: "Every day you pick up an injury and you're battered and bruised. If you're not physically fit then it's difficult to get through."

He said Bond fans would not be disappointed by the new movie.

He added: "I'm a Bond fan. If I go and see a Bond movie there are certain things I think should be in it. And they're there. We've got them in spades."

Casino Royale is due to be released later this year.

Source: Press Release