Date: 3rd October 2000

SAG Chief Says Deal Was Close

In a letter to members of the Screen Actors Guild Monday, SAG President William Daniels indicated that strike talks with advertisers broke down last Wednesday after signs that an agreement might have been in the works. "I cannot tell you how close we felt we came to making a deal only to be rebuffed once again by the major corporations," Daniels said in the letter.

After outlining some of the compromises SAG and AFTRA had been willing to make to the ad producers, Daniels wrote, "As we made efforts to move closer and closer to their goals, they kept moving the bar further and further away." Meanwhile, the advertising industry has charged SAG and AFTRA with violating the National Labor Relations Act by coercing members to take part in the strike.

It claimed, among other things, that the unions have been secretly photographing actors working at commercial film locations.

Source: Studio Briefing