Date: 24th October 2005

George: I considered suicide

George Clooney has revealed he considered killing himself after an accident on a film set.

The star injured his head during filming for his new movie Syriana.

He suffered from headaches and memory loss after the accident reports the Daily Express.

He said: "It was the most unbearable pain I've ever been through, literally where you'd go, 'Well, you'll have to kill yourself at some point, you can't live like this.' .

There was this scene where I was taped to the chair and getting beaten up. The chair was kicked over and I hit my head. I tore my dura, which is the wrap around my spine that holds in the spinal fluid. But it's not my back; it's my brain. I basically bruised my brain."

He added: "
It's probably the worst year personally I've ever had. My brother-in-law died of a heart attack aged 45, my grandma fell, broke her hip and died last summer. And my dog got attacked by a rattlesnake and killed."

Source: Press Release