Date: 6th October 2005

Tom And Katie's Big News

We thought it had all gone a bit quiet on the Cruise and Holmes front of late.

But that's because they've been busy - busy making babies.

In a lesson in speed, Tom and Katie started dating in April this year, announced their Eiffel Tower engagement eight weeks later... and now six months after it all started, 26-year-old Katie is preggers.

The news comes courtesy of Tom's sister and spokeswoman Lee Anne Devette, who said: "Tom and Katie are very excited and the entire family is very excited."

It's thought Katie is three months pregnant, making the baby due in the spring - but a date has yet to be revealed, or the sex of the child.

However, Lee Anne revealed that Katie is looking "radiant" and is telling everyone that "she has never felt better."

Tom already has two adopted children, Connor, 10, and Isabella, 12, for whom he shares custody with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

It would appear that Katie's previous pledge to friends that she wanted to remain a virgin until she was married were moved forward in the wake of meeting one Mr Cruise.

Although no date has been set for the Tom and Katie wedding, friends believe that it may now be sooner than originally planned.

When asked, after their engagement in June, about whether they wanted to have kids, Tom told reporters: "Yes," before adding: "We would have to talk to our families about it."

Could there be a spot of word-eating going on among the cynics who presumed that the Tom and Katie relationship was only a film-promoting publicity stunt?

There isn't a film in sight of the baby announcement.

Source: Press Release