Date: 3rd October 2000

Anna Nicole Weeps At Start Of Trial

Former PLAYBOY PLAYMATE ANNA NICOLE SMITH wept in court - as her attorney insisted she was not a "gold digger".

The busty 32-year-old, who is suing for half of her late 90-year-
old husband's billion-dollar estate, brushed tears from her eyes
and put her face in her hands as attorney TOM CUNNINGHAM spoke of late J. HOWARD MARSHALL'S love for his young wife.

Cunningham said, "Mr. Marshall called her 'my precious package,
my lady love, the love of my life'. He loved his wife and wanted to take care of her."

Stepson PIERCE MARSHALL's attorneys claim Smith is a gold digger who took advantage of a sick, old man - but Cunningham insists Smith brought comfort to Marshall.

He said, "Mr. Marshall was adrift because his family was at war
and he had nobody to love."

And Cunningham also pointed out that the pair had known each
other for two years before they wed, claiming, "They will say she is a gold digger, but gold diggers don't wait."

Smith wept hardest when Cunningham recounted the story of how in January 1995 she saved her husband's life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when he choked on chicken soup as she spoon-fed him. (NFA/WNWCYH)

Source: WENN