Date: 13th September 2005

Sienna blasts Casanovas

Sienna Miller has blasted real-life Casanovas as 'abnormal'.

The actress, who stars in a new movie about the 18th century lothario, criticised people who sleep around, says the Mirror.

Sienna said: "I don't think it's normal, I don't think it's admirable, I don't think it's desirable."

Her comments will be seen as a thinly veiled attack on ex-fiance Jude Law who slept with his children's nanny Daisy Wright.

Sienna added: "I think people are entitled to live their lives the way that they want. If women want to sleep with a thousand men then good luck to them. If men want to sleep with a thousand women, then good luck to them.

I don't think the difference between men and women is so great, certainly not so great as it was then."

Source: Press Release