Date: 2nd October 2000

Panic In Hollywood?

In a front-page article, the New York Times reported Sunday that "Hollywood is in a panic mode" as it braces for a possible strike by writers and actors next year.

Producer Scott Rudin, whose films include The Truman Show, South Park, Angela's Ashes, Rules of Engagement, and Shaft, told the Times: "Everyone's working under a strike deadline. ... If you think you'll be shooting in June or July, you're in a state of diminished mental capacity."

Nevertheless, Screen Actors Guild president William Daniels was quoted as saying, "I just wish people would stop talking about a strike. We haven't even started negotiations. Let's not panic." Meanwhile, the SAG/AFTRA strike against advertisers entered its 155th day today making it the longest in the industry's history.

Source: Studio Briefing