Date: 2nd October 2000

Dreamworks Planning Secon, 3-D Release Of Shrek

DreamWorks was so impressed with the 3-D technology used for the 45-minute Imax film CyberWorld set to open on Friday that it is now planning a 3-D re-release of its next computer animated film Shrek in late 2001, the New York Post reported today (Monday).

Shrek is being produced with Pacific Data Images (PDI), the same company that turned out 1998's DreamWorks release Antz. For CyberWorld, co-producers Hugh Murray and Steve Hoban have reportedly reworked eight existing 2-D shorts and videos, "stereoscopically translating" them into 3-D. They include a clip from The Simpsons and a Pet Shop Boys video.

Source: Studio Briefing