Date: 12th August 2005

Jamie Lee slams Hollywood aliens

Jamie Lee Curtis claims Hollywood stars are morphing into aliens - after becoming obsessed with plastic surgery.

The screen beauty claims many of her colleagues now have the expressionless faces of waxwork dummies.

The 46-year-old sniped: "It is an epidemic which is out of control. The way they are injecting things and freezing things. People are looking like aliens."

Jamie Lee claims that, although she has had Botox and liposuction, she would never have cosmetic surgery again because it didn't work for her.

She is quoted in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "It didn't work when I tried it because it didn't work emotionally - it felt fraudulent. It felt like the act of doing it made me feel ashamed of myself.

I tried the liposuction and that comes back in other places. And I tried the Botox and that doesn't work because you have no expression. All these actresses now have foreheads like Madame Tussaud's wax museum."

Source: Press Release