Date: 8th August 2005

DiCaprio's clean lover

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Gisele Bundchen suffers from obsessive compulsive behaviour and can't stop cleaning.

The stunning model also feels the urge to clean friends' homes because she has a phobia of germs.

She said: "I'm obsessed. It's a disease."

Meanwhile, Gisele has confessed she is desperate to start a family with Leonardo.

The Brazilian beauty, who turned 25 last month, claims it is her dream to have a baby with the 'Titanic' star but is unsure if he is ready for fatherhood.

She revealed: "I want a baby. My dream in life is to have a baby, but it's not only up to me, it's up to the father too. I don't know anything though I wish I had a crystal ball."

The pair - who have been an item for the past two years - split briefly last summer, after the blonde supermodel reportedly became tired of waiting for him to propose but the couple soon rekindled their romance.

Source: Press Release