Date: 16th June 2005

Tom: My relationship is not a publicity stunt

Tom Cruise says his relationship with Katie Holmes is not a stunt.A recent magazine poll in the US showed 60% of those surveyed believed the affair is being staged to help promote their films.

Tom is currently promoting War of the Worlds, while Katie stars in Batman Begins reports BBC online.

Speaking about the claims at the European premiere of his new film in Berlin Tom said: "I have to laugh. It's just ridiculous. Something magnificent has happened to me and something extraordinary, and I'm so happy I just can't restrain myself."

War of the Worlds is a contemporary version of the H.G. Well's radio classic in which Martians come to earth to destroy the human race.

Cruise takes the lead role in the film directed by Steven Spielberg.

Speaking about the film he said: "It's just a great story. I remember being a kid growing up and hearing about the HG Wells radio play and the effect that that had on society."

The film will be released in the UK on July 1.

Source: Press Release



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