Date: 13th June 2005

Jackman to star in X-Men spin-off

Hugh Jackman is to star in a Wolverine spin-off movie after completing X-Men 3.

And he will also produce the Wolverine movie through his production company, Seed Productions, reports Variety.

Filming on X-Men 3 starts in August after director Matthew Vaughn quit to be replaced by Brett Ratner.

Jackman said: "It got to be a roller-coaster ride there, but I wasn't worried because the script is so strong.

Matthew had his reasons but helped make the movie better before he left. Brett has come in with a lot of enthusiasm and full understanding of the franchise.

"It has been a real learning curve, as has been putting together the script on Wolverine. That project is a good start for me as producer, because I have intimate knowledge of the character."

Source: Press Release