Date: 10th June 2005

'The Simpsons: The Movie'

It's now official. There will be an animated theatrical movie based on television's The Simpsons. A spokeswoman for the series said Wednesday that the show's principal voice actors and a team of its writers had signed on for the project. Antonia Kaughman told MTV News that they will be working on the movie at the same time that they will continue to work on the TV show -- that fans won't have to wait until the series vanishes from the air. "Now we're going to get the best of both worlds, evidently," Kaughman said. She added that series creator Matt Groening "just kind of laughs, because we always said there was no way to pull the writers off or go hire writers that haven't worked on the show. ... They finally worked out a movie team, a team of the writers, because we could never hire outside writers -- they had to be Simpsons writers, and most of them were working on the show.

Source: Press Release