Date: 3rd October 2000

Jennifer Connelly's Film Scares Son

Actress JENNIFER CONNELLY scared her son whilst filming upcoming REQUIEM FOR A DREAM - because he didn't recognise her.

The ROCKETEER star upset two-year-old KAI, because the confused child couldn't make out his mum in her heroin-junkie costume.

She explains, "He came to the set once and he just did not like my hair and make-up and wardrobe. He had really big issues with that! "There's a scene where I'm getting ready and it's kind of twisted. There's a close-up of me putting make-up on - that was a night that Kai wasn't very well, so they wound up rushing him to the set to see me. "And I'm in this gothic make-up, putting on my make-up and just out of frame I'm holding Kai in my arm."

The WAKING THE DEAD star found an easy way of coping with the disturbing shoot - she found a "safe space" to escape from the madness of the film.

She says, "I got another apartment in my building that I rented,
which became my buffer zone. I would go down there in the morning before work. My Dad served as my babysitter and hung out with my son while I was working. And I'm come home and kind of detox."


Source: WENN