Date: 14th April 2005

Keira wants American roles

Keira Knightley is hoping to perfect her American accent so she get more roles.

She said: "If you can do an American accent as a British actor then the likelihood is that more work will be open to you."

"As an actor what you want to do is change. I don't want to play the same character for my entire career, that would be supremely boring. As a British actor in Hollywood you get typecast very easily, if you're lucky."

"If you can possibly avoid being the plucky British broad for your entire life, then I do want to do everything I can to fight against that and play as many different characters as possible."

Keira is currently filming the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and her new film The Jacket with Adrien Brody is out next month reports the Radio 1 website.

Source: Press Release