Date: 1st April 2005

Brad & Angelina Book Into Hotel

If Brad Pitt is gutted that Jennifer Aniston has filed divorce papers, then he's got a funny way of showing it.

After months of 'will they, won't they' speculation about whether Brad and Jen would get back together, it seems the nail has finally been banged into the coffin.

He could just have a slightly strange sense of humour, but Brad Pitt and his latest co-star, Angelina Jolie, have done nothing to quell rumours that their 'closeness' contributed to the end of his marriage - despite denials all round.

According to The Sun, Brad and Ange shared a hotel suite during a recent weekend trip and booked in as a married couple - renaming themselves Bryce and Jasmine for the trip.

Of course, it could all be part of a publicity stunt for their new movie Mr And Mrs Smith...

They rented a suite - which admittedly is made up of several rooms - at the swanky Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs, California, where a photo session for their new film was set to take place.

However, the couple - who booked into the 800-a-night accommodation as Mr and Mrs Pilaf - stayed on for two days after the shoot ended.

They were seen hanging around the pool and sunbathing - clearly happy in each other's company, although they insist they're just good friends.

One source told the paper: "Brad and Angelina jointly rented a suite at the Meridien hotel.

They tied in with a publicity shoot for the movie but they registered as a married couple. The room was paid up for the Easter weekend."

Source: Press Release



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