Date: 1st March 2005

Gwyneth: My marriage is fine

Gwyneth Paltrow has hit back at reports her marriage to Chris Martin is in trouble.

Martin failed to show up with her at the Oscars reports

Recent reports suggested that the couple are struggling to balance married life, parenthood and their busy professional lives, but the actress says there's nothing wrong.

She says the decision not to take her husband to the Academy Awards is in keeping with her bid to keep her private life private.

She said: "You see people sort of get together and break up and it always seems like the ones who are the most public with it sort of suffer the most publicly if it doesn't work out. It just seems like it invites the whole world in and I just prefer to not do it that way."

Speaking about her marriage to Martin she insisted: "We're a happy household."

Source: Press Release