Date: 2nd October 2000

Exhausted Oprah Winfrey's Working Herself To Death

Friends of OPRAH WINFREY fear the talkshow host's thirst for power will put her in an early grave, claims American tabloid THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Friends have told the tabloid the millionaire TV Queen is working herself into a state of complete exhaustion as she expands the boundaries of her massive media empire.

Winfrey tapes two talk shows a day, develops movies and TV films, and runs a magazine and a new cable TV network. And despite a vow she took months ago to spend less time working, pals believe workaholic Winfrey is seriously endangering her health with her gruelling schedule.

One pal says, "She's exhausted. Fatigue has even started to make her forgetful sometimes, and that definitely is not like Oprah." Another pal adds, "Oprah is a complete control freak and utterly driven. But you can't be that successful and not be." Winfrey's friends say they're worried she may develop diabetes, high blood pressure, or some other dangerous disease linked to stress and overweight - as her workload has done nothing to help her eating problems.

One pal says, "She eats to relax, she eats to cope with overwork. It's a vicious circle. Food is her comfort when she's stressed out, but it stresses her out to be overweight".(LE/EX/PDD)

Source: WENN