Date: 2nd October 2000

Ben Affleck Takes On Hollywood

LATEST: Hearthrob BEN AFFLECK has revealed the reason behind his internet script-writing venture - he's trying to change Hollywood.

The ARMAGEDDON star and his best friend MATT DAMON are behind PROJECT GREEN LIGHT DOT COM, a website where screenwriters can submit a script, and the winner will receive $1 million (666,666) to produce it and have the two stars as executive producers.

The DOGMA actor plans to help out aspiring screen-writers - but is also excited about the chance to do away with the Hollywood hierarchy. He says, "One of the things that's really excited us is we see it as kind of revolutionary. "As opposed to the few select anointed executives who run multinational media conglomerates and have the power to decide which movies get made, this gives the choice to the people, to this community of writers and directors and anyone who logs on to the site." (NFA/AB/CPT)

Source: WENN



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