Date: 4th February 2005

Ben All Set For Marriage?

There are reports that Ben Affleck has splashed out on another engagement ring for another Jennifer - but this time round it's Garner and not Lopez.

There are rumblings that Ben is getting ready to pop the question to the Elektra star as soon as Valentine's Day.

A school pal revealed to People magazine: "They are like high school sweethearts. They're very lovey-dovey.

It's my understanding that he's going to give her a ring," they concluded.

The couple began dating in the summer of 2004 - having first met whilst filming the comic book action movie Daredevil.

But they've been at pains to keep their relationship out of the limelight... presumably after experiencing the extraordinary media circus that his romance with Jennifer Lopez whipped up.

Ben and Jen mark 1 split up in June 2004 after 18 months of "
we're on, we're off, oh no we're back on again, we're engaged, it's our wedding day, oh no actually it's not anymore, the wedding is postponed indefinitely, we're on though, maybe, well, having said that the engagement ring is off, and now it's definite, we're totally off" - which was all played out in the media to tedious effect.

But Ben and Jen mark 2 have been much more subtle about the whole thing.

Miss Garner even pulled a cheeky prank on a US TV chatshow last month when she answered questions about her personal life with a confusing:

Matt and I are doing great. We're having a really great time. He's a really sweet guy," she revealed, trying to insinuate that she was in fact dating Ben's bestmate Matt Damon.

But things have been looking promising for Garner and Affleck, with Ben recently buying a country-style mansion just two miles from Jen's Californian home.

Source: Press Release