Date: 10th December 2004

Mel buys his own island

Mel Gibson has made so much money from The Passion of the Christ that he is buying his own island.

The film star is reportedly paying around 8 million for the 5,400-acre island of Mago in Fiji.

It is a snip for Gibson, who is projected to make 280 million from The Passion of the Christ.

Gibson bought Mago from a Japanese hotel firm reports the Evening Standard.

He hopes to use the beaches and two lagoons to entertain friends in private.

Earlier this year, fellow screen star Johnny Depp bought a Caribbean island for about 1.6 million.

The Passion of the Christ is only nine months old but has broke video sales records and is also making money on pay-per-view TV.

Gibson's personal profit is likely to be further boosted by DVD sales of the film, which follows the final hours of Christ.

The film was the biggest-ever release not during the summer or on a holiday.

Source: Press Release