Date: 6th December 2004

Brad told to get acting classes

Brad Pitt has revealed he was told to sign up for acting classes when he first started attending Hollywood auditions.

The star given the insult after trying out for as role in 1988 movie The Accused - starring Jodie Foster - because casting directors urged him to seek professional help reports

He said: "I had my first auditions for two films and one of those was The Accused. Those were my very first auditions and, of course, I was excited to be around movies.

I went in, I did the thing, I was incredibly nervous and I got back and I'm waiting for some kind of feedback. I called them up and I said, 'Well, what did they say?'

"And she goes, 'Have you ever thought about acting classes?' So, that night I had to really huddle up and reconvene. I was already in an acting class!"

Pitt's latest film Ocean's 12 will be released in the UK on February 4.

Source: Press Release