Date: 1st October 2000

Stuart's Relief After Firing From Lord Of The Rings

Irish actor STUART TOWNSEND was relieved when he was fired from the filming of LORD OF THE RINGS - because of the way he was treated on the set.

SHOOTING FISH star Stuart worked on the multi-million dollar (pound) movie in New Zealand for only one week before he was given his marching orders from the production.

He says, "I don't want to badmouth those involved, but they didn't have a clue how to deal with actors. It was an absolutely terrifying time for me after Lord of the Rings." Stuart returned to London where he took a $450 (300) a week job onstage in the London West End production of ORPHEUS DESCENDING.

He adds, "I wanted to get back with people of my own kind. And in the play I was surrounded by people I love. I should have been devastated after New Zealand, but instead I was just glad to be out of there."


Source: WENN