Date: 21st September 2004

Stars shine at Wimbledon premiere

Kirsten Dunst says no film premiere compares to that of the Spider-Man films.

The Hollywood star was speaking at the UK premiere of romantic comedy Wimbledon in London.

Talking about the crowd which had converged outside the London cinema Dunst, 22, said: "Nothing compares to Spider-Man. There were twice as many people there. That was overwhelming. But I always love coming to London. It's very exciting."

Set during the British tennis tournament, Dunst plays a rising star who falls for Paul Bettany's under-achiever.

The films stars met waiting fans in Leicester Square and batted away criticism of the movie's tennis scenes. Some reviewers have said the sequences are farfetched and unrealistic.

Wearing a Chanel peach-coloured, jewel-encrusted, 1920s style dress, Dunst said: "I thought it looked really exciting and good but it doesn't really bother me. Everybody has their own opinion."

London-born Bettany, 33, who appeared in A Beautiful Mind, Dogville and Master and Commander, arrived with his American actress wife Jennifer Connelly.

He admitted he had been nervous at having to look like a real tennis player.

He said: "They hit the ball really hard, they move beautifully, their bodies are so well organised. It's like saying I'd like to play Rudolf Nureyev, how long do I have to do it?"

Directed by Richard Loncraine, Wimbledon goes on general release across the UK on Thursday.

Source: Press Release