Date: 1st October 2000

Brad Pitt Bowed Out of Duets Gracefully

BRAD PITT and GWYNETH PALTROW's breakup a few years ago put the future of BRUCE PALTROW's movie DUETS in jeopardy.

Pitt and Paltrow had both signed up to star in the karaoke-themed movie together, but once their relationship ended, Pitt pulled out of the project.

Gwyneth's father Bruce says, "Quite frankly he was willing to stay in it, he was very honourable. But I didn't think he should be punished, the kids had broken up."

Paltrow says the break-up came at the worst time of her life, adding, "I had a breakup. My father was ill, my grandmother was ill, it was very overwhelming."


Source: WENN



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