Date: 23rd August 2004

Adrien denies Keira Knightley rumours

Adrien Brody is furious at rumours linking him to his The Jacket co-star, Keira Knightley.

The Oscar-winning actor, who has a long-term girlfriend, Michelle Dupont, is appalled that people believed he and Keira, who is dating model Jamie Dornan, would cheat on their partners.

He said: "I don't know what people take me - or her - to be. I'm in a relationship and so is Keira. I don't regard being in a relationship as a loose thing."

Adrien insists he and Keira had a professional relationship only, despite rumours to the contrary.

According to Femalefirst he said: "We were said to be having intimate, candlelit pasta dinners in my apartment. But that's not true. We ate together a couple of times because we were working, but it never went further than that. We were committed to other people and the work on the film was non-stop."

The actor, who plays a Gulf War veteran put in a mental institution after he is accused of murder, also claims the on-set atmosphere was anything but romantic.

He explained: "It was all pretty intense, dark and dramatic - not the best situation in which to start any sort of relationship, even if I'd wanted to."

Source: Press Release