Date: 17th August 2004

Clooney worried about going bald

George Clooney is worried about shaving his head for his latest role - in case it doesn't grow back.

According to IMDb the 43-year-old is set to go bald and pile on the pounds for a solider role in Syriana, a movie about the CIA's war on terrorism.

A friend said: "George has no problem with putting on a few pounds - in fact he's looking forward to it. What he is a little freaked out about is shaving his head.

He's been worried about going bald and someone told him that if he shaves his hair off then it might not grow back the same. He might just crop it now, or maybe wear a skullcap."

Matt Damon and Jeffrey Wright will co-star with Clooney in Syriana.

Source: Press Release