Date: 6th July 2004

Farrell 'to do Pocahontas movie'

Colin Farrell has reportedly agreed to play Pocahontas's white lover in a movie version of the famous Indian girl's life.

Teen Hollywood says little-known Q'Orianka Kilcher is to play the lead role in the film The New World, with Farrell as Captain John Smith, the 14-year-old's lover.

It is a coup for Kilcher, who is descended from Huachipaeri and Quechua native American tribes.

Previously she only had a bit-part in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

David Thewlis, Christian Bale and Christopher Plummer also star in the film.

It is directed by Terence Malick - the famously unprolific director's first film since 1998's Thin Red Line.

Source: Press Release