Date: 25th June 2004

Robbins 'signs up for Jumanji sequel'

Tim Robbins has reportedly signed up to star in the film of a book that was a sequel to Jumanji, although the film's producers insist it will be a standalone project.

Empire says the Mystic River star is to take the father role in children's space adventure Zathura.

It's based on a book by Chris van Allsburg, written 20 years after he wrote Jumanji, which was a 1995 flop for Robin Williams.

Zathura's producers insist there is no formal association with that film.

In the sequel two brothers rediscover the dangerous game that children in the first book had thrown in the bin, and discover within it a second game based on intergalactic adventures.

This turns their house into the planet Zathura, and they have to battle killer robots to get home.

Made director Jon Favreau will direct.

Source: Press Release