Date: 27th May 2004

Halle Berry wants a baby

Halle Berry says she is desperate to have a baby, and said she wouldn't even have to be married.

The 37-year-old star told US television host, Oprah Winfrey: "I don't need to be married to have kids."

Berry recently split from her husband Eric Benet after it was revealed he was an adulterer.

The Oscar-winning actress said: "If there is no man in two years - when I get near 40 - if there is no serious man, then, whoever I'm dating at the time, I will ask if they want to have a baby."

She also said her man would need no commitment to the child, reports The Sun.

"I'll sign the papers to say they don't need to pay a dime," she said.

The actress said she was "devastated" after finding out about Benet, and added: "I'll never marry again. I'm complete by myself."

Source: Press Release